Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My teaching philosophy


My classroom will be interesting and enjoyable environment where the classroom itself is different with other classroom. I will let the student to show they are potential in develop some ideas on the learning activity in class. Then I will have the T & L in interesting way: for example on the reading subject, where some student gets boring and not interested in that subject. So as the interesting ways of learning, not only refer the text book but also include material based learning.
The material based learning is the concept of learning through the material that can best use for learning process. It is include through paper cutting about an issue regarding to the subject, field trip to the expose student about the real situation of environment, interesting games as the revision at the end of session and also class activity in group discussion.
My classroom wills the interesting environment where I will develop the student deeper understanding in the subject my review some tips from the experience. I believe my student have the potential to success in learning, but the main element on learning are the interest and attention in class. As the solution I will shared my experience of learning through BUFSU learning style and mnemonic technique. My classroom is more enjoyable when we are together creating the words as the clue for the subsection in reading subject. I believe my classroom will become the place where they are have the at least get 90% from the lesson out of my class.

      inspired by

              'we learn to love to learn'~ Ron Clark 


*mnemonic  or mnemonic device, is any learning technique that aids memory. To improve long term memory, mnemonic systems are used to make memorization easier. They do so by increasing the efficiency of the process of consolidation. This process involves the conversion of short term memory to long term memory

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