Friday, July 16, 2010


My Love,Mr.Smile...

I love you more than life itselfYour love's the kind that makes me melt
Although I'm human I feel like ice, your love's the warmth that brings new life.
I know our time so far has been short but still you've shown me love, and soo much more.
There's still alot I have to do to show you my love is kind and true.
I love it when we sit and talk, I even like to watch you walk.
I love to stare into your eyes and know that all I see is mine.
I like to watch you brush your hair, I love to know you'll always be there.
I see you when i close my eyes, I see you in my dreams at night.
You're all thats ever on my mind, I think of you when I need to unwind.
Even though we fuss and fight it all just strengthens our love, our bind.
This bind is what makes our loves so strong and how I know it will last soo long.


Luv U so much...

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