Friday, November 20, 2009

New chapter in UR life

new chapter in UR life have begin...a lot of outcoming prob out there..i new to start the blog here..n need more time to express my self.

last night i have the bad dream...i dont know with who i want to share last i found this site that i willing to shared..the most scaresss things have happened to all about kaum yg satu lg tu....ntah mcmne agaknye kan all this can happen.we meet, we date....and at last we???but tp yg hairan nye bknnye nightmare.but it is good for me...we away b4 the bad thing happen..for me u just the parasit that life coz of the taking the adv of the tree..and the tree now relies that it have been bite for the worse...however it just one lesson for me and for the others that "jgn percaya sgt dgn kaum ni"...sedar2 la sblum trkena....

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